Holy Week and Easter

We are now into the full swing of Holy Week. Come and join us for any of these services!

This week we follow Our Lord Jesus Christ to the darkness of the cross, and from this into the joy of his resurrection.

This week we reflect on his suffering for us, and dwell in this and the knowledge of his unconditional love for us and all of creation.

The love of Our Saviour is truly beyond anything we could possibly imagine.

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40 days after Jesus was born, his mother Mary and his stepfather Joseph, would have taken the baby to the Jewish temple to ‘present him to the Lord’: this was Jewish custom and tradition. In the bible you can read about this in Luke chapter 2 verses 22–40. Because the Jewish prophet in the temple (called Simeon) recognized that Jesus was the Son of God, he called him “a light to lighten the nations'“ and so we call this Feast ‘Candlemas’. It takes place every year on 2 February or on the Sunday nearest to it; 40 days after Christmas Day. Candlemas Day is the mid way point of winter, half way towards spring. We hold the Christ light as a symbol of hope in the coming season of Lent, Holy Week and look forward to the joy of Easter. We bless candles in Church and take one home with us to keep the ‘flame of God’ alive in our prayer lives everyday.

At St Anne’s we will celebrate Candlemas on Sunday 3 February at 11am. The service will include a special ceremony of light with candles. It will also be Fr Christopher’s last service amongst us as our Vicar before he moves to a new parish later in February.

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Baptism and Confirmation 2018

We are delighted that the Bishop of London (our diocesan Bishop) will visit St Anne’s Hoxton on Sunday 13 January at 11am to preside at our Mass and to baptize and confirm several of our parishioners and members of congregations elsewhere in east London. This is a very special day in the life of our parish and we are so pleased that Bishop Sarah will be with us. You are welcome to join us on this special day for several of our community. There will some refreshments in the Community Hall after the service.


Just after Christmas

For the Christian Church, Christmas really just begins on December 25th, and so our worship continues to celebrate the birth and early life of Jesus Christ in the last days of December and through into January. The Sunday immediately after Christmas (this year the 30th December) and the Feast of the Epiphany (6th January - when tradition has it that the three ‘kings from the East’ or ‘Magi’ visited Jesus’s home with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh) are very much still full of joy and celebration. Christmas trees and the Advent wreath stay up until 6 January and the Christmas crib stays until the Feast of Candlemas on 2 February. Please join us as we continue to celebrate the joy of the Christ Child in our midst.

Sunday after Christmas

Christmas Trees

At St Anne’s our Christmas trees arrived on 10 December. Christmas Trees in general, but especially in churches, are a relatively modern invention! Although they look ‘traditional’ they’ve only been around for about 100 years or so. Nonetheless, their power and symbolism are strong, reminding us of the light of Christ shining into the dark wintry world. We will be blessing and formally lighting our Christmas trees on Sunday 16 December at 6.30pm during the Christmas Carol Service. Please do join us!

Christmas tree

The season of Advent


Our diocesan bishop, Bishop Sarah has produced a beautiful little pamphlet called ‘A Good Advent’, and is accompanied by a free app which you can download on your phone or tablet. The booklet and app allow us to pause every day in Advent (2-24 December) and encourage us to stop. To wait. Not to rush.

So much of our modern anxieties are caused by pressure to achieve, to deliver and to meet a deadline. But in order to manage these pressures we need to find a short period of time each day just to shut out the noise and pressure. Advent is the best time to do that.

More information here:


Yoga for Charity

Yoga for Charity

One of our local businesses - Scenario Architecture host a Yoga class every Tuesday at 18:30

You are invited to join us!

– Sessions are walk-in, no booking is required, all are welcome;
– Suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome;
– Our Director Ran (also a qualified Yoga teacher) is leading the sessions;
– Please bring your own yoga mat;
– Sessions cost £5, all income goes directly to St Anne’s Hoxton Relief in Need.

St Anne’s Hoxton has been the centre of the Hoxton community since it was founded in 1870. It runs a Relief in Need charity to provide a soup kitchen, night shelter, youth club and food gifts for local people in desperate need.



Spiritual Suppers: Who is Jesus?

Over 5 weeks in the autumn, beginning on Monday 5 November at 7.30pm, we will gather together over supper to pray and think about the question ‘Who is Jesus?’

We will look at ideas such as Jesus as our Saviour, Jesus as the vulnerable human, Jesus as Love and Jesus as the Word of God.

We will meet informally in St Anne’s Hall. Everyone is welcome and do invite friends and those who might never have been to church before. It is a very welcoming and relaxed approach to learning about God in our lives.

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All Age Celebration for All Saints’ and All Souls’

On Sunday 4 November at 11am we’ll gather to celebrate All Saints’ Day and to remember our loved ones who have died in the past year. There’ll be lighting of candles, some music and singing from our young people and some reflections from our Sunday school. Everyone is welcome! 

All Saints’ Day gives us the chance to gaze on the immense number of people who have already reached the blessed land of heaven, and allows us the headspace to find the path that will lead us to that destination.


Kneel and Adore Him

Have you wanted to know why the Church celebrates Mass every week? Are you curious to know why we say special prayers over bread and wine? Do you want to delve deeper into what it means to share in the Lord’s Supper? Then join us this Sunday at 11am for “Kneel and Adore Him: deepening our love of Jesus”...


Annual Report 2018

Annual report 2017/8

Download and read through our most recent annual report on our mission, outreach, ministry and vision over the past year. This was presented to the Annual Parish Meeting on 29 April 2018. There are slides to go alongside the report, to give a snapshot of our parish.

Download Annual Mission & Ministry Report           Download slides (as PDF)

Complete Book of Reports (including financial statements) (PDF)