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St Anne’s Hoxton was founded as a parish in 1865 and the current church building was completed in 1870. It started as a mission church to the Victorian slums in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in England. St Anne’s has had a colourful history and has always been a local church for a local population. In 1901, Jimmy Kray, the grandfather of the infamous Kray twins married his fiancé Louisa in the Church. Over the years, the parish has expanded, particularly after the slum-clearance scheme of the mid-20th century. The parish now covers most of Shoreditch Park, the New Era Estate, the Britannia Leisure Centre area, Anthology Hoxton Press site, much of Hoxton Street and parts of Haggerston towards the Regents’ Canal and Kingsland Road. The Parish is now formally known as the "Parish of St Anne Hoxton, with St Columba, St Andrew and St Saviour". St Andrew's Hoxton and St Saviour's Hoxton were churches which have now been demolished following severe damage in World War II. St Columba's Haggerston is still a church building on Kingsland Road, inhabited by the Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel) UK since the 1980s.

Hoxton is still one of the most deprived areas of the country and we focus on helping people who struggle the most. We have always welcomed everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. For many, St Anne’s is seen as the heart of the community and much needed support is provided through the work of the St Anne’s Community Hall, including a weekly soup kitchen, a youth club, a drop-in café and a winter night shelter. One of the beauties of the Church is the vintage style of architecture and its features. Combining the best of tradition and modernity, we seek to serve the diverse and fast-changing neighbourhood.

In 2020 we will celebrate 150 years of mission and ministry in Hoxton.