St Anne's Hoxton is a small Church of England parish in a very diverse neighbourhood of east London. The area in which our church is situated is changing rapidly. There is energy and vibrancy but there is also poverty, unemployment, deprivation and health challenges. The Church's role here is manifold:

  • We are a place where different parts of the community can join together and focus on God and the common good.

  • We offer relief and assistance to those who find themselves homeless, living with addictions, debt and lifestyle struggles.

  • We are increasingly in demand as a safe space for various community groups to meet and hold events, precisely because we are a Church which provides hope.

We cannot however do any of this alone. We need financial help as well as non-financial help (through volunteering and professional expertise). If you want to donate a one-off financial gift to one of our projects, then click the button below

We depend on the generosity of our members and friends to make our ministry happen. It is your generosity that enables us to pursue our vision of bringing hope to the heart of Hoxton. Regular giving is part of our rhythm of worship, and setting up a regular monthly gift helps us to plan ahead.


If you would like to set up a standing order, you can do so directly:

Name: St Anne's Hoxton PCC
Sortcode: 40-11-58
A/C No: 50114081


We often need volunteers to help with our various community projects, such as our Soup Kitchen, our Night Shelter, our Youth Club and our Drop in Café. We also need professional skills from time to time to resource our ministries. Please contact us if you are interested